Quick Technical Assessment

Once the technical readiness checklist is completely answered (readiness assessment guide can help understanding and answering), quick assessment can be conducted here.

Note: Only questions relevant to quick assessment are listed.

  • Click on any section and select answers, then click “Submit”.
  • Based on answers, a list of recommendations will be generated.
  • Click “Go back” – the section with completed answers and generated recommendations will be noted with green tick.
  • Select any other section and continue.
  • When all are answered, a list of recommendations can be generated.

This list of recommendations generated from the quick assessment are general and indicative in nature. These may be further elaborated and revised upon, with considerations of individual country’s environments and in consultations with relevant stakeholders. Elaborated and revised recommendations could be used to draft an action plan for cross-border paperless trade, as in the Article 12 of the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific.