Quick Technical Assessment: B6 Awareness programme

B6.1 Does your country have an awareness programme (capacity-building, training, workshops, etc.) for stakeholders to have a better understanding on:

B6.1.1 How could cross-border data exchange be implemented?
B6.1.2 Potential business transactions and documents for cross-border data exchange?
B6.1.3 Methods of identifying inhibitors that need to be addressed?
B6.1.4 If the country has not conducted any awareness and capacity building programme related to B6.1.1 - B6.1.3, what is your country’s future plan and targeted timeline to conduct an awareness programme?
B6.2 Does your country have the capacity to carry out: (i) Business process analysis; (ii) Data harmonization and simplification; (iii) System development; and (iv) Project management?